The System Seminar
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From the desk of Ken McCarthy
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Dear fellow Internet entrepreneur:

Until now, I have never sold the CDs of my annual closed-door conference to outsiders.

Starting this summer, I'm changing this policy.

I think it's important for you to know why.

Reason #1. Transportation costs are going through the roof

With oil prices hanging steady at well over $100 per barrel, all forms of travel, especially plane fares, are exploding.

It's also gotten progressively more difficult over the years for people from outside the US to travel to the US.

There are a lots of people, for all kinds of other reasons, who simply cannot get to the live event.

Reason #2. We're ready

I consider teaching - especially teaching people how to make money - a very serious responsibility.

Therefore, for years now, I've put 100% of my focus on live training, even though not selling recordings of my events has literally cost me millions of dollars in potential sales.

After 15 years of teaching Internet marketing to thousands of people from all over the world...and helping create exponentially more Internet marketing success stories than any other training in this field...I feel I've finally gotten the quality of our live trainings to the point I can now release these recordings with 100% confidence in their ability to help you.

Reason #3. You've been asking...and asking..and asking

Every day we get e-mails asking us to sell CDs of the annual System Seminar.

Some people have even taken the time to write formal letters and mail them to us.

Believe me, I've been listening, but until now the time was not right.

My original mission was to create the world's best live Internet marketing training. Mission accomplished on that.

Now, given conditions in the world today, my mission is to add to that foundation and create the world's best virtual training too.

If you're still not convinced...take a minute and read this.


As for these CD's I want to tell you I bought them and they are the best Internet marketing products I have ever listened to.

I was at the freaking event having anxiety about running between speakers because you had to choose which one to go to.

So I had to get the CD's to make sure I didn't miss anything. It was the best investment in my Internet education I've ever spent (and I'm not saying that to blow smoke). I've spent upwards of $50,000 on my IM education and this series still ranks number one.

I was able to learn hard info but for me, the consummate futurist, I was able to get a real feel for the direction of the industry and for that I thank you."

- Mike Collins

Understand that Mike is no "bozo on the bus."

He's an extremely accomplished real estate investor.

He's also one of the pioneers of using the Internet to generate real estate leads and build real estate businesses.

People pay HIM thousands of dollars to learn what he knows about Internet marketing.

So when a pro like this says that the CDs from the annual System Seminar are the BEST Internet marketing products he's ever listened to, that tells you something.

Here's the deal...

Twenty-five world-class faculty members

Over forty hours of training - all on CD with complete notes from each presentation

  • Pre-Publication Offer

    Pre-Publication price for people who order now: $995

    This offer can and will be withdrawn at a moments notice with no warning.

"Hi, Ken:

Ken, in this past year, I feel that you have hit warp speed in accelerating away from everyone else in the IM-training marketplace.

In the universe of Internet Marketing training, you own it. There is no second.

One reason I say this is because the best investment I have ever made in IM materials is your 2008 System Club CD program. I'm into just my third CD and it's changing virtually everything I'm doing for the better, and I was no slouch beforehand! But when you have as a mind-master support team the most successful practitioners in the IM world, well, how can anyone NOT improve! I find myself dropping even high-priority projects to just listen and take notes of everything you've sent.

I even went online and ordered Dragon Naturally Speaking so I can speak my notes into my computer for faster transcription--solely because it is helping me capture more quickly every informational gem in your CDs. They're nothing short of a masterpiece.

Congratulations, Ken, on the best IM materials ever produced.

All the best and keep up your fabulous work."

- Gary Bencivenga

Gary is widely acknowledged as the #1 Top Gun direct mail copywriter of the last 25 years.

Click here if you're ready to order now.

  • Early Bird Offer

    Once the formal sales letter is ready, there will be a 30 day window of opportunity to purchase the complete set of System 2008 CDs for: $1,495.00

    "These CDs have changed the way that I live.

    I now spend at least one to two hours every morning listening to a CD, making notes, summarizing notes, making to-do lists and finally doing stuff.

    Dave Dee's talk was most helpful in helping me to accept that I didn't have to find a new market. I have one. It's small business. I've been working with small business for the past 30 years and I love it. That's what I read about. That's where a lot of my friends are.

    I still have to find my niche but I'm now confident that I'll do that fairly soon.

    Thanks for making System 2008 available to those of us who were unable to attend in person."

    - Bryan O'Shannassy - Australia

  • Limited edition

    If you miss the Pre-Publication special and the Early Bird special, you may still be able to get a set if there are any still available.

    We are limiting sales to just 1,000 students. Once the first 1,000 sets are sold you'll have to wait until System 2009.

    Why so few?

    We do a tremendous amount of follow up with all of our students and we're only geared up to handle 1,000 at this time.

    Unlike the guru gang that's happy to take your money and then kick you to the curb, we actually care about what happens to you after you invest in our training.

    The cost for remaining sets after the Pre-Publication special and after the Early Bird special, if any are still available, will be $1,995.00 US.

    If you're ready to get the System 2008 CD Training, click here