Brian Kurtz: A hidden gold mine
for Internet marketers

From a basement business started on a shoestring to a $100 million a year plus info marketing empire, Boardroom, Inc is one of direct marketing's legendary success stories.

Brian's been with the company for thirty of its forty years and started with them when sales were under the $5 million a year mark.

Since the very beginning of the Internet Age (1993-1994), I've been counseling Internet marketers to seek out, pay attention to and learn from pros with real world experience in the rough and tumble world of direct mail. Brian is one of the super pros of the direct marketing business as a practitioner, thinker, and educator and any time spent with him is literally golden.

As a rule, Internet marketers leave tons of money on the table and in this call Brian and I talk about simple changes you can make in technique and outlook that produce massive and more important, long lasting results.

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The System Seminar
New York City - April 15-17, 2011
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