The Secret of Selling Anything


By Harry Browne

The best sales book of all time according to direct response legend Gary Bencivenga. We’re the only source of the print edition.

Paperback: 200 pages

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A Different Kind of Selling Book

If you’ve read other selling books, you’re probably tired of the false promises that never quite work out. You’re probably tired of being told “you can do it if you just believe you can.”

You’re probably tired of reading about tricks that made a particular sale – tricks that may have been appropriate to a particular situation, but not yours – and even if they were appropriate, how would you have thought of them at the right time?

If you’ve read books on selling before or listened to “sales experts,” you’re probably tired of being pumped with hot air – told how you must “come alive,” be full of enthusiasm, dominate the world around – all the things that don’t happen to be a part of your basic nature.

Well, this book isn’t anything like that. In fact, this book was written to refute many selling clich├ęs that have been accepted without question for years.

This book will prove to you that the stereotyped image of the “born salesman” is a mistake. You don’t have to remake your personality and become super-enthusiastic, super-aggressive, domineering. Not only are those traits unnecessary, they are actually a hindrance to making sales.

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3 reviews for The Secret of Selling Anything

  1. Martin Edelston

    Harry Browne’s The Secret of Selling Anything is a major contribution to the literature of salesmanship. If you buy it and don’t agree, you can return it along with your receipt to me, Martin Edelston, and I will personally refund your money!

    -Martin Edelston, Founder/Chairman, Boardroom Inc. Member of the Direct Marketing Hall of Fame.

  2. Ben Hunt

    The book you hold in your hands is a rare work of pure genius. Its simple truth makes the obscure, sometimes scary world of selling startlingly clear. The secret of selling anything really is in these pages!

    -Ben Hunt, Scratchmedia Ltd. Web designer, Author Save the Pixel and Convert!

  3. Denny Hatch

    Harry Browne built a successful career on his breakthrough technique of how to get inside the head of your prospect, find out the things that matter and then tailor your sales pitch with precision. If you want a big income selling, here’s your wiring diagram.

    -Denny Hatch, Author of The Secrets of Emotional, Hot-Button Copywriting, Million Dollar Mailings, Method Marketing and 2,239 Test Secrets for Direct Marketing Success

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