The view from the top

"It's like a UFO landed on our front
door and dropped off a pallet of
hundred dollar bills..."

That's the impact that attending this
unusual, never-to-be-repeated
free event could have on you

Ken McCarthy
North of Tivoli Bays,
Thursday, 7:23 a.m.

Dear fellow entrepreneur,

The word "free" is pretty straightforward.

Nothing. Nada. Zilch. And no strings attached.

The free event I'm about to tell you about is not a hidden pitch for something else.

There's no "seat deposit" required. There are no shipping costs and no course materials cost either.

It's free. Absolutely free.

But why waste your time on anything
- free or not - that's not
absolutely the best?

My name is Ken McCarthy.

You may know my history. More about it later if you don't know it, but let's talk about now.

In the last three months, using a method I teach privately, one of my students beat a new-customer acquisition control by 700%.

That's not a typo.

And the client is not a business being run from someone's mom's basement either.

It's a well established direct response powerhouse that's been in business for nearly 25 years and has done hundreds of millions of dollars in sales.

A 17% bump would call for champagne.

A 70% bump a week in Paris.

...But a 700% bump - in this market?!

They've never seen anything like it in their history. They say it's like a UFO landed on their front lawn and dropped off pallets of hundred dollar bills.

You'll hear the details of this and many other stories - including how these results were achieved - at the event.

Question: What has your "guru" done for you lately?

We're coming up on the end of 2015. Soon it will be 2016.

Was 2015 the year you hoped it would be? Will 2016 be?

What's going to change to get you closer to your dreams?

If you don't know me, it's probably a good idea to read on a bit.

Here is the most important advice anyone can ever give you: Know the source of the advice you're getting.

If you already know me and know how I invented Internet marketing (that's what Dan Kennedy and Time Magazine both say), you can skip to the meat here.

In case you don't know me, I organized and sponsored the first conference ever held on the subject of business opportunities on the Web back in 1994.

This was before Facebook, before Google, before eBay, eight months before Amazon sold its first book and long before it had an affiliate program.

There were no Smartphones, no consumer broadband, and there were only about 1 million people on the web total. (Now there are over 2 billion.)

At that event we talked about email marketing and banner ad advertising . This was back when only one company on earth (Hotwired) was selling banner ads and most people were saying that marketing by email was a dumb idea that would never work.

A few years later (1997), I started using sequential auto-responders. I was told that was a really "dumb" idea too.

The seminar that transformed Internet marketing
- it's back and better than ever

Then in 2000, I became fascinated by this "new" thing called "pay-per-click" advertising and organized the first systematic training on how to do it right - way back in 2001.

This is where ideas like "long tail" keywords and using pay-per-click to test offers and book titles were first introduced.

Speaking of "systems", in 2002 I started the System Seminar which you may or may not have heard of.

It's where "names" like John Reese, Yanik Silver, and Jeff Walker and master practitioners like Perry Marshall and many others got their first chance to speak before an Internet audience - after intensive private coaching by me.

Not to take anything away from anyone because the Internet world is chock full of great minds and great people, but just about everything that is considered "hot" in Internet marketing today is derivative of something that I or one of my close colleagues first introduced at one of my seminars years ago.

So what does this have to do with you?

Just this...

Over the last twenty-one years, I've looked at just about everything going on in Internet marketing and met just about everyone in it too.

Not only that, I've been able to track their work - and their behind-the-scenes behavior - over five, ten and in some cases fifteen or more years.

Just like Santa Claus, I know who's been "naughty or nice."

I also know who really knows their stuff and who is full of the by-product of the rear end of a bull.

In case you're wondering if I'm "current", I think I've already proved that with breakthroughs in conversion and SEO that frankly few can even dream about, let alone equal.

But if you need "social proof", last fall I was invited to speak at the "Titan's of Direct Response" to represent Internet marketing.

I shared the stage with people like Jay Abraham, Dan Kennedy, Greg Renker (the $2 billion with a 'b' a year infomercial king), and Gary Bencivenga (the copywriting genius who wrote one letter that generated north of $100 million in sales for the publishing company Rodale.)

The producers of this event had their choice of any legitimate Internet marketing expert they wanted. And they picked yours truly from the million-and-one Internet "gurus" out there to represent the Internet.

I tell you all of this not to brag, but just to let you know that when I say I've cooked up something good for you, it's worth your while to get the details.

What you need to succeed massively in 2016

You don't need a new guru.

You don't need a new method (or an old Formula Version 4.0 warmed over.)

You certainly don't need to whack your credit card for hundreds or thousands of dollars.

What you do need is the same thing everyone that who is successful today needed to make their own big breakthrough.

Straight talk...from people who know what they're talking about...and who actually care whether you succeed or not.

For reasons that will become clear later, I've decided to come out of a very enjoyable "retirement" for a unique project that required me calling in a bunch of favors earned over the last twenty years.

The project is get the top marketing minds I know (along with some top up-and-comers) share their very best stuff...without holding anything back...and give it to anyone who asks for it

Why would these hyper-busy experts do this?

First, because I asked them to.

Second, because they're good guys. (You'll understand more about this last part later.)

The view from the top

We're calling this event "The view from the top."


Because our core faculty are master practitioners who are at the very top of their game.

No "overnight successes" or "one hit wonders." Only people who've generated solid results for themselves and their clients - for years.

Ten, fifteen and in some cases over twenty years.

And that's not all.

Our core contributors include marketers who've routinely created brand new Internet marketing tactics that have opened brand new multi-million dollar opportunities for thousands of Internet marketers.

These guys are original innovators (OGs), not copycats or part of the "me too" gang.

Here's an example of what you'll learn in just
one of these sessions

How to uncover profitable online niche markets that everyone else overlooks

How to go to into a big, crowded, competitive market place and carve out your slice of the pie - even if you're starting with next-to-nothing and your competitors are multi-million dollar companies

The surest method to get the best possible return on all the time, energy, and money you put into a new business or growing an existing one

How to breathe new life into a business that seems to be on its last legs

And more...

Now let me introduce you to just some of the team of marketing and Internet masterminds that I've assembled to help you build your business now, in 2016.

Mike Mindel

Mike is a rare bird in Internet marketing. He doesn’t speak at seminars or do interviews.

I know because I asked him every year for ten plus years and he always said “no.” But when I told him about our fundraising effort, his answer was an instant YES!

You may not recognize Mike’s name, but you will absolutely recognize his company: Wordtracker, the tool that has launched, tweaked and added huge profits to countless thousands of Internet businesses.

So who is this “masked man” who has quietly done so much for so many for so long? You’re going to find out on this call.

Somehow Mike accomplished a Star Wars-style “Jedi Mind Trick” and packed a weekend’s worth of insight, tools and immediately actionable ideas into our one hour call.

This one is a real mind expander. Imagine getting a guitar lesson from Keith Richards or doing a basketball clinic with Michael Jordan. That's what talking with Mike about the Internet is like.

Dr. Glenn Livingston

Glen knows more about picking lucrative niche markets than anyone on earth. A PhD. in psychology, he's combined his own entrepreneurial experience with a knack for creating business systems to create the industry "gold standard" method for finding and exploiting lucrative online niches that others overlook.

Glenn and I are going to talk about how to enter new markets on the right foot, right off the bat and win regardless of where you're starting or what resources you have.

Gauher Chaudhry

Like many in this lineup, Gauher is not just a veteran and top performer, he's also someone who has blazed trails for thousands of entrepreneurs online.

Among other things, Gauher is a master of CPA - cost per action - and was the first to create a systematic approach to this highly lucrative, but little understood niche in Internet marketing.

Along the way, he's tested literally hundreds of traffic and conversion methods, networked with the top minds in the business, and has become one of the industry's "go to" guys for real world Internet marketing education.

During this call, Gauher and I will talk about at least one - but probably a lot more - traffic generation techniques you've never heard of - but could be using very profitably. No one has researched, tested and compared notes about more traffic sources than Gauher.

Brian Kurtz

Brian's email is "T-Rex" and besides the humor, there's a lot of truth in that handle. He's the only person I know with enough "juice" to get me, Dan Kennedy, Jay Abraham, Gary Bencivenga, and Greg Renker all in the same place at the same time. The one-time-only event Brian put on last year - "Titan's of Direct Response" - was easily the best conference on direct response advertising in the last ten years, maybe ever.

Brian moves numbers that other entrepreneurs can only dream about. Working with direct marketing legend and mentor Marty Edelston, he was responsible for billions of dollars in sales - real "the cash register rang" sales - for Boardroom and Bottom Line.

Though he cut his teeth in the tough-as-nails world of direct mail, Brian also mastered the infomerical format (to the tune of hundreds of millions of dollars in sales) and is completely fluent in Internet too.

Everybody talks about multi-channel marketing. Notice that I said "talks." I know very few who actually do it successfully and there's practically no one who can accurately say they've done well over $100,000,000 in sales in three different channels - direct mail, TV and Internet. When you get a chance to listen to what someone like Brian has to say, definitely take it.

Lloyd Irvin

Lloyd is two time world champion in Brazilian Ju-Jistu and has won several national championships in martial arts. He also trains and coaches other champions and professional fighters and operates a 10,000 square foot martial arts training facility in his home state of Maryland.

Lloyd's other passion is marketing and he has created several six and seven figure a year businesses as well as coached martial arts school owners and others to do the same.

Had he decided to be a public Internet "guru", Lloyd would be one of the very best. He brings the same level of drive and focus on the fundamentals he uses to win in the ring to his businesses and like all great coaches he has a gift for drilling down on what's needed to win and makes sure his students "get" it.

Lloyd and I are going to talk about the three things you absolutely must do to succeed in business that practically no one does. Get them right and it's hard to lose. Fail to do them and winning is all-but-impossible.

Greg Davis

Have you ever spent $25,000 on a single ad buy? How about $100,000? How about doing that daily? Greg buys more traffic than any Internet marketer I know and to do that he's had to sharpen his ad making and tracking and testing skills to a degree few Internet marketers can imagine.

Greg's no flash in the pan either. He'd been operating at this level for more than the five years I've known him and he's been perfecting his systems for more than ten.

Greg and I are going to talk about the fine points and tricks of the trade he's learned from spending and tracking the results of millions of dollars worth of Internet traffic. Very, very few people can talk credibly about this topic because very few do it. You will learn things from Greg about online marketing you literally cannot learn anywhere else.

Drayton Bird

Drayton doesn't cross the Atlantic from his home in London very often. He doesn't have to.

His landmark book "Common Sense Direct and Digital Marketing" has been the bestselling book in Europe on the subject for over thirty years.

From "minus nothing", he and his partners went from being so broke they had to get credit at the local pub to serve their prospects sandwiches to having the biggest direct marketing agency in England. The whole process took only three and half years.

Advertising giant David Ogilvy thought so highly of the firm he bought it and thought so highly of Drayton he put him in charge of direct marketing for Ogilvy Mather worldwide.

Drayton does a better job of explaining - and executing on - direct marketing principles than anyone I know. And he insists on keeping things simple and down-to-earth. If you think it's all about tech, think again. Tech changes practically every season. The principles behind "home run" marketing success stories do not change. Ever. Master the principles and master your destiny.

Perry Marshall

Perry was the first to "crack the code" on Google AdWords and helped launch the online gold rush that is still making people rich to this day. He followed that up with the first comprehensive training on how to win with Facebook advertising.

Along the way he's built his own substantial business and consulted with hundreds of successful online entrepreneurs including several seven- and even eight-figure-a-year businesses.

And he's not one of those "stand on the stage and flap his jaws" kind of guy. He actually rolls up his sleeves and gets into the "nuts and bolts" of his clients businesses and campaigns.

I don't know anyone who has looked "under the hood" of more real Internet businesses than Perry.

Are you itching to have a big success online? Not just make some money, but have a massive, over-sized, cash-spewing hit. More than anyone else I know, Perry knows what it takes to do this. Strangely, few of the "gurus" will share this info with you. Maybe they're afraid the details of what it takes are not "glamorous" enough. In this call, Perry and I get into the real meat of this matter like no one else has ever done before.

Ben Hunt

Ben has been designing web sites for clients since 1994. In 2009, after taking a System Seminar he had the guts to throw away everything he learned and start all over from scratch using direct response principles. There is no web designer on the planet who thinks harder about direct response than Ben.

Ben and I are going to talk about the "end of web design" which he says is here now. What's going to replace it? That's what the call is about.

"Doberman" Dan

Recently, at one of his seminars, Dan Kennedy mentioned a few of the newsletters he makes sure that he reads every month. One of the few he highlighted comes from Doberman Dan.

Who the heck is Doberman Dan?

One of Gary Halbert's proteges, Dan Gallapoo is a guitar-playing, Doberman-loving, master copywriter who has been marketing online for twice as long as the average Internet "guru" - but he's never given up his love of offline lead generation and conversion.

Did you know that there is a simple, automated way to generate leads that lets you go around your AdWords and Facebook competitors - and produces higher quality leads often at a lower cost? In this call, Dan and I got into the "nuts and bolts" of this tried-and-true - but little known - system.

Ben Settle

Ben Settle is living every writer's dream. He writes a little direct response ad copy every morning - which is more than enough to pay the bills - and then he goes and plays. In his other life, among other things, Ben is a novelist and author of "Vampire Apocalypse" and "Zombie Cop."

Bens's one of my favorite people to talk with about copywriting and marketing. He's also the author of one of my all-time favorite books on copywriting: "The Copywriting Grab Bag" (which last time I looked sells for $127.43 and up on Amazon.)

On this call, Ben dropped the name of a book that you absolutely must have if you're a copywriter, entrepreneur, business owner, or anyone else on this planet who needs to get things done. Ben and I riffed about all kinds of things. If you'd like to be a "fly on the wall" as two veteran copywriters talk shop, this will be fun.

Dan Ferrari

So you want to be a copywriter? Are you prepared to spend years and thousands of dollars on courses and mentoring to achieve your goal?

Great news. You don't have to.

Dan was a Hawaii surfer dude who heard that copywriting was a good way to make money. He didn't have any money and didn't know any copywriters so he took an "Obvious Adams" approach to the business.

With just one book, one piece of self-training advice and one client-finding technique, he raised himself from a struggling 'newbie' to a star in the business. In this call, we lay out the surprisingly simple method Dan used to achieve his career breakthrough.

Bonus: Using just one technique I showed him, Dan beat the new-customer acquisition control of a major publisher by 700%.

If you don't know direct response, that's like hitting a grand slam with the bases loaded at the bottom of the ninth in the World Series and then throwing the winning pass for the Super Bowl and then winning the NBA MVP award in the playoffs. This is call not to miss.

These are just a few of the guest experts who are going to be part of the program. More are signing on every day and we'll be announcing them and their topics as they do.

At the very beginning of this letter, I said that I was going to give you access to all this material for free.

So what about all this "free stuff" business?

If this sounds like a classic "come on" line of total Internet BS, I don't blame you.

So I'm not going to ask you to trust me...but I am going to give you this pledge which you can hold me to:

  1. You can have entirely free access to the entire two days worth of training

  2. You will get ALL the content. Nothing will be held back. There will be no "upsell."

  3. I have instructed my mastermind team of experts to share EVERYTHING with you. On these calls they will NEVER tell you that you have to go somewhere else to get something else. All the strategies, ideas and tactics that I've promised they will share with you will be on these calls.

However, there are three conditions that come with this offer:

  1. The program starts on November 5, 2015 and you need to opt-in by then. If you opt-in later, you're going to miss some or all of your free access.

  2. The program will take place over a few weeks and will be delivered one session at a time. If you miss one or more sessions, they may not be available for free later. (In fact, I can pretty much tell you it won't be.)

  3. Finally - and this part is entirely voluntary - as we share with you, I'm going to ask you to share this message with your friends and colleagues. I guarantee that you will be a hero to them for doing so.

Why are some of the top minds in Internet marketing - guys who have been at it 10, 15, some even over 20 years and made millions of dollars for themselves and others - willing to share their very best stuff with you?

That part, I'm afraid, will have to remain a mystery reserved only for the select few who are smart enough to join us.

So, are you willing to take a chance on a mind expanding adventure that may well change your life? If so, welcome aboard.

Yes Ken!

I understand that you have assembled your top colleagues to share their very best strategies, tactics and tricks of the trade for making money - sometimes massive money - online and off.

I understand that all the sessions in this series are entirely free. All I have to do to get one - or all - of these sessions for free is to download them within 48 hours after they are posted.

I will receive email notification each time a new session is available for free download.

Finally, I understand that this series is NOT a "set up" to sell me some other training or product. Nor will I receive emails, pitches or otherwise, about any other topic besides info about the session in this series.

First Name:
E-mail address:

We will not share your
email address with anybody!

P.S. Why are all these marketing leaders freely giving away their most valuable secrets?

Secrets many would give their eye teeth for. Secrets that have made millions, tens of millions, even, hundreds of millions of $$$ all over the world ...

They are doing it gladly for a good cause. A cause I know will touch your heart as it has theirs - and mine.

As I say, these secrets will cost you nothing ... but I suspect you will feel as grateful as I do for this free offering.

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