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A very rare two-day training by the creator and founder of the System Seminar, Ken McCarthy. This is not another “me too” copywriting course made up of bits and pieces of commonly circulated advice. It’s about what it really takes to build a solid, seven figure a year income as an info marketer by someone who has done it. Blunt, truthful, and original. There’s nothing else like it.

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6 reviews for Advanced Copywriting & Info Marketing

  1. Big John Hansome

    This copywriting course of yours is a gem. It’s precious and I don’t think that many people have it becauseit’s not mainstream knowledge. Their loss means the gain of anyone who realises exactly how valuable it is. This isn’t pure gold. It’s a diamond. In the age of AI this could differentiate between the fakes and the tbe real copywriters.

  2. David Deutsch

    Having bought and read just about everything under the sun on copywriting (and having contributed a few pages to the glut myself), it’s not often I come across something on the subject I find as inspiring and informative as your writing.
    – David Deutsch, world-class freelance copywriter with million dollar controls for Boardroom, Phillips Publishing, Rodale and other major league mailers

  3. Dan Kennedy

    “I’ve been so impressed with Ken’s mastery of marketing that I’ve included examples of his ad writing in my books and courses.”
    – Dan Kennedy, world famous marketing teacher, copywriter and speaker

  4. Perry Marshall

    There’s no doubt that a lot of entrepreneurs are missing the copywriting approach that would work best simply because they don’t know (your course) exists.
    – Perry Marshall, Google AdWords Expert And Master Copywriter

  5. Marty Edelston

    Great copy!
    – Marty Edelston, founder and publisher of Bottom Line Books (in response to an email pitch Ken wrote)

  6. Gary Bencivenga

    I have to tell you, as one copywriter to another, that the copy you’ve been turning out for The System is some of the best I’ve ever seen. It triggers great desire, with just the right mix of benefits and explanation of the ‘how to’ behind them.
    – Gary Bencivenga, Universally acknowledged as the world’s greatest living direct response copywriter

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