The Insiders Guide to Cuba

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Every common money- wasting, time-blasting, aggravating  “problem” newbie visitors have in Cuba is predictable and easily preventable.

These problems fall into two general categories: hassles (wasted time and unnecessary frustrations) and expense (spending more than you need to and/or getting poor value for your money.)

If you ask the average traveler to Cuba about cost, they’ll tell you it’s an expensive place to visit.

It is – if you don’t know what you’re doing.

If you do know what you’re doing, it’s one of the most affordable vacations you can imagine.

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There’s no shortage of guidebooks or websites about Cuba…

But there is a massive shortage of practical, common sense information about how to travel to and from and around the country comfortably and affordably.

Cuba is wonderful.

It’s also a materially poor country…in Latin America…in the Caribbean…that is Spanish speaking…has shortages of everything…and it run as a planned economy…and is currently the object of an aggressive economic blockade from the United States.

These realities can create some challenges for travelers from developed countries.

If you have no experience with these kinds of conditions, Cuba can be a huge challenge – but it needn’t be if you get good advice and straight talk from someone not in the glossy travel brochure business.

I’m not in the glossy travel brochure business. I’m an experienced low budget, high quality traveler who has been all over Latin America and knows Cuba well.

I want you to go to Cuba, but I also want you to cover your downside, have the best possible time and do it without breaking the bank.



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